Random Thoughts After a Short Freighter Voyage

-- The cabins are larger than those of twice the price on a regular cruise ship.

-- The food, served with the ship's officers, is plentiful, nutritious, and generally tasty.

-- It is a mistake to count on time ashore. Loading and unloading of containers usually takes only a few hours at any port -- and sometimes takes place during the night. The point of a freighter voyage is the trip itself, not the getting anywhere.

-- Commercial ports are busy, dirty, and sometimes dangerous.

-- Plenty of reading material is a necessity.

-- There is ample opportunity to watch the loading and unloading of 20' and 40' containers and to marvel at the effeciency of port and ship personnel.

-- The pleasure lies in watching the sea (what I came to think of as "the sharp-obsideon sea"), listen to the wind, move with the roll of the ship, climb steep stairs both inside and out, observe previously unfamiliar activity, stay on the look-out for sea creatures-- and catch the sunrise.

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