Containers and the Moving Thereof

The containers carried by the Katrin S came in two sizes: 20-foot and 40-foot, some of which were reefers carrying frozen fish and poultry from the United States or cooled plantains to the United States. What others carried is anyone's guess. On the return voyage from Rio Haina, Dominican Republic to Port Everglades at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a large number were empty.

The view of containers from the bridge on the superstructure of the ship, which opened this report, has already provided the necessary overview of the ship's function. The Katrin S was built in Stralsund, Germany in 1995, designed to carry a maximum of 535 40-foot containers and 34 20-foot ones (1104 if only 20-foot containers are loaded).

The gantry is in place to begin unloading.

Removing a hatch cover allows access to the hold.

A container is lifted from the ship. . .

. . . and lowered onto a waiting trailer.

Tie rods are removed from containers.

At ports without gantries the ship's crane takes over..

Without a gantry there's more manual labor.

Ready to set on a truck!

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