Ship and People

The ship would not run without people, in the case of the Katrin S that meant a total of eighteen officers and crew. The captain and chief engineer were German, as was the cadet (student intern). There was a Romanian, a Ukrainian, and a Portuguese. The remainder of the crew was Filipino. Of the photographs below, those without captions were taken at one or the other of two "grill parties" held on the lifeboat deck.

Captain Pigulla carves; Passenger Ed Boyd (left foreground) looks on

And now the Captain explains things to Passenger Sue Durling

Chief Engineer Jürgen Richardt converses with Cadet Sassa Niebel

Puerto Cabello Harbor Pilot with Captain Pigulla

Cook Jose Arturo promises everyone a great meal

Messman Velito Aytona served the officers and passengers

The Bridge

There be no rats on this ship!

Chief Engineer, Captain, & Cadet

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