Footsteps of Paul

A group of twenty more-or-less middle-aged people, Methodists and Catholics, set out to spend two weeks (18-30 October 1998) visiting some of the places visited by St. Paul almost twenty centuries earlier (plus a few Paul never reached). Some had read a little about the sites to be visited; all were familiar to one degree or another with Paul's letters and Luke's Acts of the Apostles. But for most Corinth, for instance, was the address for a couple of Paul's letters and had no reality apart from that. Greece and Turkey, to which the group made a short "post-Pauline" visit, were decidedly "foreign" countries.

On this and the pages that follow, two of the participants (Thomas Price and Allan Brockway) attempt to offer a glimpse, not only of the sights of present-day Aegean cities and landscapes, but something of the feeling and sense that could have been Paul's as he travelled in the Hellenistic Roman world of the Emperor Nero.

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Bon Voyage (as the Greeks wouldn't say)!