Upper Tahquamenon Falls

The Hiawatha stopped above the Upper Tahquamenon Falls and passengers streamed forth to walk the short distance to the falls for a view that is easily available only by boat. Tahquamenon Falls State Park, on the opposite side of the river, however, is easily reached by road from the town of Paradise. The Lower Falls may be seen from the park, also.

As the boat approached the dock the captain explained to those standing near that the river was low, very low in fact, and consequnetly there would be no difficulty docking on the main dock. However, when the river is high it is necessary to clamber out of the boat onto the, far from convenient, stairs to the right.

The falls, some 200 feet across with a drop of fifty feet, is one of the largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi River. The people on the other side are watching the cascading 50,000 gallons/second of water from the the State Park.

On the trail back to the Hiawatha and . . .
. . . the Tahquamenon River toward the Toonerville Trolley

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