Thomas F. Mudloff, Ph.D.

    Thomas Mudloff, Ph.D. is currently a lecturer and instructor of  Egyptology at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. His specialization is Egyptian religion, but he has lectured and taught in all areas of ancient Egyptian studies. He was associated with the Discovery Channel for 3 years and has been with the Field Museum for the past 12 years. 

    Dr. Mudloff is a graduate of Northwestern University, the University of Chicago and Salisbury University.  He has taught the archaeology, history, art and science of the ancient Near East at Northwestern University, National Louis University and the Adler Planetarium in addition to lecturing both in the United States and abroad.  His articles cover a range of topics including the history and religion of ancient Egypt and he is the author of the best selling Hieroglyphs for Travelers.

     Recently, Dr. Mudloff has been a contributing author to the book Egypt: Land and Lives of the Pharaoh’s Revealed by Global Publishing of Sydney Australia.  His latest work, a DVD entitled Magic in Ancient Egypt; Sacred Things and Secret Places has won documentary awards and is now in release. 

    Dr. Mudloff has worked for many years in Egypt and Syria, (where he lived with the local Bedouin tribes for several years) and in Jordan, both on excavation and with study groups in these countries. He leads private tour groups to Egypt and Syria several times a year.  He holds degrees in Egyptology and Biblical Studies.     


Dr. Mudloff wishes to thank Greg Vogel, Chip Dawes, and Allan Brockway for photographic and technical assistance in the development of this web site.